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CSmicro | CS LT Series

CSmicro | CS LT  Big Performance - Small Size

Optris offers the industrial benchmark within affordable industrial pyrometers regarding the sensing heads’ size, robustness, and temperature rating. The different spectral options allow temperature measurements of plastics, metal, glass, and ceramics from -50-1030 °C with temperature resolution down to 25mK. Different optical options support a high distance-to-spot-size ratio to ensure an optimal focus on the target for high-temperature accuracy. 

With the miniaturized M12 stainless steel measuring head, these sensors are designed to fit even the tightest spaces, setting an industrial standard for integration efficiency.

Due to their unique electronics layout, the sensing head endures an ambient temperature of up to 180°C, which allows close positioning next to heat sources.

The sensors offer analog mV or mA output, including an optional simple 2-wiring, which allows straightforward electrical setup. The intelligent LED display works optionally as an alarm signal, target support, self-diagnosis, or temperature-code display. The optional USB adapter supports an effortless configuration through our smartphone app or the Windows software.

The very advantageous cost-performance ratio supports the integration of the pyrometers within OEM solutions.

Products OPTRIS
Pyrometer optris CS LT
The infrared pyrometer optris CS LT is perfectly suited for temperature measurement in small and narrow environments. The robust measuring heads have been developed for use in temperature ranges from -40°C to 1,030°C (– 40°F to 1886 °F) and can be employed in ambient temperatures of up to 80°C (176 °F) without additional cooling.
Pyrometer optris CSmicro LT LTH
The pyrometer optris CSmicro LT LTH is equipped with an innovative, miniaturized stainless steel measuring head, optimally suited for installation in limited spaces. Its small size and its temperature resistance up to 180°C make the mechanic integration of the measuring head especially cost-efficient.
Pyrometer optris CSmicro LT HS
The pyrometer optris CSmicro LT HS sets new performance standards in the measurement of slightest temperature differences of 0.025 K. Due to the stainless steel measuring head, it is perfectly suited for installation in especially limited and cramped spaces.
Pyrometer optris CSmicro 2Μ
The pyrometer optris CSmicro 2M has been designed for a temperature range from 250°C to 1,600°C. Its special spectral range of 1.6 µm makes it the ideal IR pyrometer for temperature measurements of metals.
Pyrometer optris CSmicro 3M for temperature measurement of metals and through glass
The pyrometer optris CSmicro 3M has been designed for a temperature range from 50°C to 600°C. Its special spectral range of 2.3 µm makes it the ideal IR pyrometer for temperature measurement of metallic surfaces starting from 50°C and it allows for measurements through glass.




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