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For thermography, as a science and applied technology, Iristem is a pioneer engineering Company In Greece. With an embedded continuous development already since 1998. 

Thermographic Inspection: undisputed excellence. 14.000 application hours in diagnostic thermography. Fused with 20 years  in professional design, construction, maintenance of cutting-edge installations.  Reference Performance Infrared Inspection Equipment;  Level IIΙ Certification.

Thermal Cameras and Thermographic Systems: real added value in actually operating specs and features. Perfect dealing with application requirements and budget.

Training and Certification in Thermography: for managers, engineers and technical staff. Active Support of infrared camera users. With an established through experience reliability and leading edge specialization.

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Thermographic - Safety Survey Iristem Professional, high-end speed and accuracy in fault diagnosis, excellence in Thermographic Survey Managerial Systems
Thermographic and Ultrasonic Equipment, up to Megapixels format, for Accurate Measurement, Advanced Field Diagnosis of Operational Status, for Research, Development and Integration in Ultra High Demanding Processes
IR Thermometers - Pyrometers
OPTRIS infrared thermometers and pyrometers for spot measurements are particularly well suited for precise temperature monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems
Thermography - ORIGINAL TRAINING COURSES - Focus in knowledge - CERTIFICATION in Thermography L1 and L2 - Qualitative and Quantitative Thermography
New Pantented Technology, links position and intensity of leak with Physical Position (Visual Picture), in Real Time
Expert Project Management & Engineering
Integrated Project Management and Engineering of Large Scale Energy, Instrumentation and Systems of Process Centralization and Control. From Detailed Cost Estimation up to Final Commissioning

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Ideal Participants: Operation, Construction and Maintenance Managers, Skilled Technicians, Technical Companies, INSURANCE Organizations, Freelancers. Experienced, Begginers or Candidate Thermographers.

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Language of Course and Manual (626 pages): English

Iristem Engineering conducts the globally famous, Infraspection Level I Certified Infrared Thermograher® course; an extensive and intensive 40-hours certification training, for all application fields of thermography.

Predictive Maintenance (P/PM), Operation Monitoring, Systems Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Energy Conservation, Building Envelope Inspections, Active Thermography.

It covers: infrared theory, principles of heat transfer, specs and selection of infrared equipment, conformance with standards, thermal imaging analysis / interpretation and creation of professional diagnostic reporting.

Participants are trained in identification and documentation of faulty operation thermal patterns, due to design, workmanship and defective material. Extensive and numerous presentations are conducted in application fields of: electrical distribution systems, mechanical systems, refractory, petroleum indystry, materials inspection, building thermography.

Upon succesful course and (19) knowledge verification tests completion, participants are qualified for Level I exams. Certification card and diploma issued with passing grade of 80%. Course is approved by the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors for 40 hours of continuing education and meets the training requirements for their Infrared Certified professional designation and logo.

Courses are conducted by Iristem, an authorized licensee of Infrapection Institute, in European Union and Middle East countries.

Iristem Engineering  has (2020) >14.000 hours unique experience in practically any thermographic application field and even under the most adverse conditions. Its continuous deep dedication and enthusiasm has resulted in continuous creating a vast and systematic infrared engineering knowledge database. It supports development of begginners as well as experienced thermographers with (i) Direct Communication (ii) Application Courses (iii) Certified Level I and II Thermography Certification Courses.

Our courses have been developed without marketing hype and are focused in the science and art of expert thermography. There is always a balanced combination of theory and practise, presentation of numerous field case studies and instructor / participants interaction to maximize benefits and training experience. Emphasis is given in the establishment of an effective managerial system for effective (IR) inspection.

In Certified Thermography Training, Iristem Engineering has the honour and responsibility of a strategic cooperation with United States Thermography Authority INFRASPECTION INSTITUTE; the latter is the first (oldest) Independent Training Organization and has trained and certified more than 12.000 thermographers globally. 

Courses are conducted in European Union and Middle East countries. In English or Hellenic Language.

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