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Thermal Cameras T70|T50 - Rugged Integrated Thermographic Systems, For Experts, Measurement Precision, Productivity, Crystal Imaging Quality

Thermal Cameras T70/T50 Advanced Integrated Thermographic Systems

Utmost Precision - Diagnostic Productivity - Latest Design Ergopnomy - Excellent Built Quality

Thermal Cameras Τ70|T50 incorporate detectors 640×480|384×288 aSi, 17μm pixel pitch, of Leading French Company LYNRED. Highly Advanced Integrated Thermographic Systems destined for perplex thermographic inspections, with utmost precision and productivity, under even toughest conditions.

Latest Ergonomy Design, f1.0 optics, advanced temperature mesurement on-board suite, rich 5" touchscreen (compatible to sunlight), viewfinder are combined with highly refined interface hardware to satisfy even strictest standards of Experts.

Built quality and enclosure is a warranty for durability of performance.

For any and every application !

Important specs and features of T70/T50

  • 640×480|384×288 uncooled microbolometers, of 17μm, pixel pitch, French LYNRED built
  • Thermal Resolution 30mk (Τ70) και 50mk (T50)
  • Utmost Measurement Precision and stability of performance
  • Excellent f1.0. interchangeable optics, automatic lens recognition
  • 180°Lens rotation
  • Embedded GPS and Compass
  • Visual Spectrum 13 megapixels camera, automatic focusing and lighting
  • Latest Ergonomy Design
  • Automatic Continuous Focus - distance measurement laser assisted - manual mode also
  • Viewfinder 1024 χ 768 resolution
  • Touchscreen 5'' - resolution 1280 × 720 - compatible to sunlight
  • Wireless interface WiFi and Bluetooth
  • HDMI and USB-C
  • Market best on-board temperature measurement analysis suite
  • User adustable, full featured, double vision and data mixing kit
  • Recording of Radiometric and Graphical Video
  • Standard Powerful Professional Temperature Analysis and Report Generation Software
  • Detailed Cablibration Certificate
  • Support by Iristem - direct with Manufacturer Ulirvision

For more information, please see below and / or communicate with us, for thermal cameras Τ70/T50.

Thermal Cameras T70/T50 - Features
Thermal Cameras T70/T50 - Datasheet

Thermal Camera TI395
Infrared camera ULIRvision TI395 is a thermal imaging system for demanding / potential demanding users of diagnostic thermography technology. The excellent detector analysis 110.592 pixels, along with high sensitivity <65mK (pixel pitch 25μm), ensure accurate measurements and imaging from a safe distance

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