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Thermal Cameras TI400S/TI600S Premium Configuration and High Resolution

Thermal Cameras TI400S/TI600S Premium Configuration and High Resolution

The TI400S|TI600S HD thermal camera adopts 384×288|640×480 high pixel aSi micro-heat detector. With its excellent imaging quality, friendly user interface operation and rich temperature measurement functions, this smart thermal camera can meet the strict testing requirements of thermal imaging experts. In addition, its flexible and rotatable touch screen and ergonomic appearance design can reduce the workload and help users to easily cope with the testing task.

Features of TI400S/TI600S HD Thermal Camera

  • 384×288|640×480 uncooled detector
  • DSX visible and infrared image fusion and overlay
  • Audible and visual alarm, text annotation, audio annotation
  • Multiple temperature measurement modes: high and low temperature automatic tracking, linear temperature measurement, rectangular temperature measurement, circular temperature measurement, isothermal analysis
  • 5" rotatable display, high-definition viewfinder, clearly visible in sunlight
  • Bluetooth, WIFI transmission

TI400S/TI600S thermographic imaging camera is sure to provide reliable performance for your work


For more information, please see below and / or communicate with us, for thermal cameras ΤΙ400s/TI600s.

Thermal Camera TI400i/Ti600i - Features

Thermal Camera TI400i/Ti600i - Datasheet

Thermal Camera TI395
Infrared camera ULIRvision TI395 is a thermal imaging system for demanding / potential demanding users of diagnostic thermography technology. The excellent detector analysis 110.592 pixels, along with high sensitivity <65mK (pixel pitch 25μm), ensure accurate measurements and imaging from a safe distance

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