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Thermographic Survey IRISTEM EXPERT Precision.24

IRISTEM EXPERT Precision.24 Thermographic and Safety Inspection already has nineteen (21) years (2024) of continuous development, under even adverse conditions and with any high-end equipment. 

A Diagnostic Product of evolving excellence, it has been widely accepted and routinely utilized, by a major and expanding part of Leading Hellenic and Global Organizations.

Unique Benefits incorporated in IRISTEM EXPERT Precision.24:

  • Unparalled Diagnostic Productivity!
  • 20-years knowledge and experience, in maintenance and construction
  • >15.000 hours development of thermography database tools
  • high-end class equipment - 2048 Χ 1536  (3,14) MPixels !  measurement resolution guaranteed
  • Level III Certification
  • excellence in accuracy of faults detection
  • unique, combined IR and US diagnostics

Focused Added Value Support, by Iristem EXPERT Precision24, for:

  • Integrity of Humans and Fixed Assets
  • uninterrupted operations and cost management
  • documentation of warranty claims
  • conformance to Insurance Contracts
  • legal witnessing


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Thermographic Inspection, Thermography of Electrical Installations, Infrared and Ultrasonic Survey
Thermographic Inspection of Electricals, Thermal Diagnostics, High Voltage and Low Voltage Substations, Low Energy Current Thermographic Inspection
Thermographic Inspection of Mechanical Installations, Iristem EXPERT Precision.24 MechD
Thermographic Inspection of Mechanical Instalaltions, Thermography of Static and Rotating Equipment, Thermographic Inspection
Building Thermography
Building Thermography Technology - Detection Weak Areas - Deteriorated Areas - Roofs Thermography - Electromechanicals Survey in Building Thermography
Thermography - Theory
Thermography is science and art of taking, archiving, processing of thermal data, from surface of materials, equipments, systems with a specific useful content. Pre-requirements: special equimpent, theoretical knowledge, experience and intiutive skills, for successful thermography




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