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Pyrometer optris CTlaser F2 / F6 - flame gases temperature measurement

Infrared thermometer optris CTlaser F2 / F6 for temperature measurement of CO2 / CO flame gases

The infrared laser thermometer optris CTlaser F2 / F6 offers a special measuring wavelength for temperature measurement of CO2 / CO  flame gases. This makes it optimally suited for e.g. combustion processes, garbage incineration, or processes in chemical reactors.

The IR thermometer’s temperature range covers temperatures from 200°C up to 1,650°C, while the stainless steel measuring head is heat-resistant up to 85°C without additional cooling. Optional cooling and protection equipment is available, ensuring exact temperature measurement even in rough surroundings.

Important specifications:

  • Spectral response 4.24 μm (F2) or 4.64 μm (F6)
  • Accurate temperature measurement of CO2 (F2) or CO (F6) flame gases in the range of 200°C up to 1650°C in combustion processes, garbage burning or processes inside chemical reactors
  • Double laser aiming marks real spot location and spot size up f rom 1.6 mm at any distance
  • Optics 45:1 with selectable focus, compact sensor head size
  • Usable up to 85 °C ambient temperature without cooling and automatic laser switch off at 50°C
  • Cooling and protection accessories for harsh environmental conditions
  • Calibrated under inert gas atmosphere (Argon)
  • From 1190E

pyrometer optris CTlaser F2 / F6 - Datasheet
pyrometer optris CTlaser - Manual
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