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Building Thermography

Building Thermography Diagnostics is an established leading technology worldwide, for energy conservation and field construction optimization. Its core advantage is a huge proven potential to accurately detect low perfomance areas or/and areas that have been deteriorated in years time, for a variety of reasons. Thus, it is an excellent field tool, under the prerequisites of  (i) correct thermographic equipment utilization (ii) well trained and motivated experienced certified operator, mostly preferably of a good engineering background.

IRISTEM Engineering, as a Leading Company, in thermographic inspection business has documented remarkable acheivements and long-standing experience in building diagnostics. This includes serious cases of supporting in resolving property owner disputes by providing objective evidence. Besides classical approaches, Iristem Engineering has developed special NDT methodology, for a faster and more accurate detection of building weakness areas and/or weakness areas under development.

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Thermographic Inspection, Thermography of Electrical Installations, Infrared and Ultrasonic Survey
Thermographic Inspection of Electricals, Thermal Diagnostics, High Voltage and Low Voltage Substations, Low Energy Current Thermographic Inspection
Thermographic Inspection of Mechanical Installations, Iristem EXPERT Precision.24 MechD
Thermographic Inspection of Mechanical Instalaltions, Thermography of Static and Rotating Equipment, Thermographic Inspection
Thermographic - Safety Survey Iristem Expert Precision.24, high-end speed and accuracy in fault diagnosis, excellence in Thermographic Survey Managerial Systems




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