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Thermokameres-Ulirvision Portable and Affortable

Ulirvision Thermal Imagers

Ulirvision Thermal Imagers are at attractive prices and - like high quality instrumentation - offer accurate temperature measurements, at safe distances.

Important specifications and features:

  • Detectors up to 1024 X 768 infrared pixels, uncooled microbolometers
  • Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) up to <40mK
  • Infrared Lenses f1.0
  • Visual Camera up to 5.0ΜP
  • Automatic / Manual focus, servomotor controlled
  • Availability of Interchangeable Lenses (Standard, Wide Lens, Tele Lens)
  • Cutting - Edge Firmware, challenging high-end thermographic systems
  • Temperature Range up to +1.200 β. C

Thermal Cameras T70/T50
Thermgraphic systems T70|T50 with LYNRED quality detectors of 640×480|384×288 aSi and 17μm pixel pitch. For Demanding Experts. With Viewfinder and Latest Ergonomic Design, Configuration for Utmost Productivity Diagnostic Thermography with high-end Precision. Market richest measurement on boards tools and excellent standard professional software for Thermal Analysis and Generation of Thermographic Reports
Thermal Cameras T6|T5 - Compact Thermographic Systems, Premium Performance, Excellent Costruction Quality
Thermal cameras T6|T5, with detectors 640×480|384×288 aSi are the most advanced compact thermographic systems in Market. Exceptional user interface, excellent built quality, crystal thermal image, measurement accuracy and ultimate on board tools. Also equipped with latest hardware interface configuration. Professional Analysis and Reporting Software plus a full Calibration Certificate in Standard Package
Thermal Cameras TI400S/TI600S Premium Configuration and High Resolution
The TI400S|TI600S HD thermal camera adopts 384×288|640×480 high pixel aSi micro-heat detector. With its excellent imaging quality, friendly user interface operation and rich temperature measurement functions, these smart thermal cameras can meet strict requirements of thermal imaging experts.
Thermal Camera TI395
Infrared camera ULIRvision TI395 is a thermal imaging system for demanding / potential demanding users of diagnostic thermography technology. The excellent detector analysis 110.592 pixels, along with high sensitivity <65mK (pixel pitch 25μm), ensure accurate measurements and imaging from a safe distance
Thermal Camera TI175
Thermal Imager ULIRvision, 19.200 pixels analysis, low cost, cutting edge ergonomics, sophisticated firmware, (50/60 Hz) thermal imager




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