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Thermal Cameras for Fever Detection


IRISTEM Proposals, for a Safer World

Nowdays Epidemies may fastly escalate up to level of Pandemies. Sometimes, speeed of propagation may lead existing Medical Curing Systems to a deep "saturation". An efficient tool, to support Health Control in decelerating propagration of Viruses and Infections, is Thermal Scanning of Human Skin, by accurate and promptly configurated thermal imagers.

Scanning of Human Skin by Thermal Imagers is possible to be conducted fast, accurately and moreover: FROM A SAFE DISTANCE. In combination with necessary software, a temperature alarm may be triggered, as an early warning for people under fever status.


Recommendations for Humans Fever Scanning by Infrared Cameras:

  • Powerful geometrical resolution  of thermal cameras: strongly recommended <=1,4mrad
  • Optics, preferably with f=1.0
  • Recommended Distance of Measurement: 1.5 .. <2 meters.

Note: Inaccuracies, in temperature measurment, escalates exponentially, if geometric resolution criterion is not accomplished

  • Correct viewing of humans
  • Targeting at Medial canthus - glasses should be taken off
  • Best measurement point: ear cavity (uncovered)
  • Enviroment: internal with regulated ambient temperature
  • Specially configured sofware
  • Interface for Networking

Thermal Camera PI450i T010 Fever Scanning
Fever scanning system with thermal camera Optris PI450i T010 has a thermal sensitivity of 40mK to detect even the slighest temperature variances. Accuracy of measurement is 0.5°C, with optional Black body radiator.
Thermal Camera Xi400 T010
Thernal Imager Optris Xi400 T010, αισθητήριο 384Χ288, for Human Skin Temperature Measurement, software for automatic recording and user-customizable
Thermal Camera Τ160-Ρ11 Human Body Temperature Measurement
Θερμοκάμερα ULIRvision, for Human Skin Temparature Measurement, with Automatic Face Recognition and Temparature Tracking PER Person, Ethernet Interface
Thermal Imager TI160 - P1, Dual Vision, Accurate Meaurement 0.5°
Thermal Imager ULIRvision, detector 384Χ288, for Human Skin Temparature Measurement. Ideal for Airports, Public Buildings, Factories, Super Market, Stadiums
Thermal Imager TI160 - P5, Dual Vision, Accurate Meaurement 0.5°
Thermal Imager ULIRvision, detector 384Χ288, for Human Skin Temparature Measurement. It is easily used efficiently even by a non-Expert




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