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Thermal Imager TI160 - P1, Dual Vision, Accurate Meaurement 0.5°

Overview of TI160-P1 Infrared Body Surface Temperature Rapid Screening Camera

TI160-P1 is a specially designed infrared human body temperature measurement camera. High accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, high-temperature auto-tracking, quickly lock the target, etc. are part of the characters. This device can be used in public places for investigation of human body temperature, in order to prevent the spread of disease. It is compact and lightweight, which is easy to use.


Features of TI160-P1 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • 384×288 Uncooled detector

  • Measurement accuracy ≤0.5℃

  • Visible and infrared image fusion and overlay

  • It can alarm through sound and light, 40 seconds voice recording

  • Multiple temperature measurement modes for you to choose

  • 3.2” Rotatable display for viewing at different angles, which can improve your work

  • Motorized lens, autofocus function

  • Palm design, weighing only 400g

  • Free professional analysis software for you

Thermal Camera TI160-P1 Datasheet
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