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Pyrometer optris CT 3M for low-temperature measurements of metal

Pyrometer optris CT 3M for low-temperature measurements of metal

Due to its short measuring wavelength and a temperature range from 50°C on, the pyrometer optris CT 3M, is ideally suited for employment in low-temperature measurements of metals and composite materials. The quick response time of only 1 ms allows for a problem-free use of the metal thermometer in fast processes.

The electronics box of the measuring device allows a flexible terminal device through selectable analog outputs as well as various optional digital interfaces.

Important Specifications

  •  Miniaturized Infrared Thermometer with 2.3 μm wavelength range for measurements of metals, of secondary metal processing, metal oxides and ceramic materials
  • Very small sensing head of 14 mm diameter and 28 mm length fits everywhere and is usable up to 85°C ambient temperature without cooling
  • Temperature ranges from 50°C to 1800°C, measuring spots up from 1.8 mm and exposure times up from 1 ms
  • Short measuring wavelength of 2.3μm reduces error of temperature readings on surfaces with low or unknown emissivity
  • Starting from 460E

pyrometer optris CT 3M - Datasheet

pyrometer optris CT - Manual
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