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Mission and History

InfRared & Integrated SySTEMs Engineering


Mission Statement: P

"Consistent Leadership Excellence in Diagnostics Cutting-Edge Technology, Energy and Process Monotoring + Control".

History Milestones:

2022: Supply of Thermographic System for Cement Kiln. New Clients, in Energy Sector, for IR equipment and training. Supply of Ultrasound Camera in Medical Operations. Export to Serbia. "Record high" year for Diagostic Services.

2021: "Milestone Projects" in HELLENiQ Energy S.A. and Democritus University of Thrace: supply of High End Thermographic Systems VarioCAM, following succesful competition procedure. Excellent performance of our on-line Training Thermography Seminars. Investments in upgrading of Diagnostic Ultrasound Camera and a High-End Energy Analyzer. Completion and delivery of Arc Flash Studies.

2020: Launching in Hellenic and Cypriot Market of infrared products, for fast scanning of human body to detect potentially related fever with Covid-19. Tedious development of niche Products for Energy consumption, related to Compessed Air, Special Gases, Steam and Electricity.

2019: Investments in Equipment - Innovative Ultrasound Camera Leakshooter LKS1000 Ver3+Pro. Upgrading of Thermographic Systems and Software. Significant Development of Training and Certification Thormography Services. Initialization of Electrical Calculation Engineering Services. Arc Flash Studies for Leading Global Companies.

2018:  Dynamic Business Growth in Large Resorts Groups. Including in Highly Recognized 5+ Star Brands. Development of Innovative Software Tools for Upgrading of Productivity, Precision and in-Depth Diagnosis of Electrical and Mechanical Installations. Sales of Scientific Equipment, for Special Applications, also for Leading Research Center "DEMOKRITOS".

2017: Establishement of IRISTEM PC. New company is structured to meet increasing challenges in Hellenic and European envirorment. Central Aim: a significant empowering in existing markets and enhancement of presence in Southeastern Europe and Middle East Markets by (i) continuous development in High - End Thermography and Diagnostics (ii) Energy and Process Control business (iii) Trading - Training and Certification.

Initiation of cooperation with HGH French company - dedicated in Thermal Monitoring of Process Kilns (Cement, Waste, Recycling .. ).

2016: Successful Completion of Thermographic Cameras Supply to Hellenic Air-Force, for Research and Quality Assurance. Purchase of Leading Edge Thermographic System Jenoptik VarioCAM High Definition 900 Research. Initiation of Commercial for Ultrasonic Camera Leakshooter LKS1000. Further Expading in Ultrasonic Business, for a wide range of Applications. Impressive Increase of Diagnostic Services turn-over.

2015: Completion and successful delivery of an NDT project for airplane composite materials. Certification at Infraspection Certified Infrared Thermographer Level III. Substantial Commercial enhancement in Infrared Cameras, for Research Labs, industrial process applications and Drones. Diagnostic Services with Patented World unique French Ultrasonic Camera Leakshooter LKS1000. Significant export presence, for Services and Trading, in Cyprus, Malta, Albania, Skopia, Cosovo.

Successful Completion and Commissioning of Energy Project in Korinthos - Greece.

2014: Project Assignment, part of European Program, for a Research Center; applied high-end thermography for NTD of materials. Successful conduction of CIT L1, thermography certification, seminar, with maximum participation from Norhern Greece, in Thessaloniki.

Initiation of Diagnostics business in Kosovo. Launching of "Iristem Professional Ver06"

Assignment of Expert Cosultancy Services in Engineering/Management, for an Energy Project in Hellenic Industry / Southern Greece.

2013:  Successful completion of an Industrial Research NIR measurement process application, for a Leader Hellenic Industry, with International presence. Launching of New Training Seminar "Building Diagnostic Thermography". Business initiation with OPTRIS and ULIRVision. Expansion of business in Hotel Industry. Completion of a Power Interface Project in Thessalloniki.

2012:  New Revision of Diagnostic Product “IRISTEM PROFESSIONAL Ver04”. Successful conductions of Certification Seminars Infraspection CIT L1, with several participants from Greece and Cyprus. Significant Sales increase of Trading, Diagnostics and Training sectors. 

2011 :  Major success by winning a competition in a strategic client in Cyprus, for supply of cutting edge thermographic equipment. Special focusing in Training Sector Development. Official authorization by Infraspection Institute, for conduction of certification seminars. Conduction of 1st certification seminar in Athens.

2010 :  Completion of very large E & I project in LUKOIL, Burgas - Βulgaria. Initiation of Training Sector Operations. Initation contract for business cooperation with Infraspection Institute. Marketing activities in Cyprus. Reconstruction of

2009 : Participation in ENERGY RES09, international Trade Fair for Enviromental & Renewable Energy Technologies. Unique Enviromental and Solar Cells inspection technological solutions, promoted by Iristem Engineering, meet a wide acceptance. Client portfolio wellcomes a major number of Universities, Technological Institutions and Hellenic Armed Forces.

2008 : An ambitious Sales Plan is accomplished in Services and Trading Departments. Initiation of business in CYPRUS. Contract signing with AKTOR ATE for Project Management in Construction of (2) Desulphurization Plants (XO5 and XOB1), in LUKOIL - BURGAS - BULGARIA.  Electrical, Instrumentation, Networks and HMI integration.

2007 : Launching of new engineering products "Iristem"; further development of standards for risk evaluation and condition monitoring of installations. Participation in FETEC2007, to promote best value for money products of Trading Department. Thermal Cameras of Irisys and Jenoptik-Infratec are highly welcomed in the Hellenic and Cyprus market, in Industry, Public Sector and Engineering Organizations.

2006 : Investment in specialized thermal imaging and measurement equipment for conducting surveys in High / Medium Voltages Overhead Lines and for applications in Petrochemical Industry. Certification according to ASNT. Initiation of Trade Department, by signing contracts of direct exclusive representation of Irisys Ltd  & Jenoptik AG - Infratec GmbH, for Greece and Cyprus.

2005 : Participation in FETEC2005, international exhibition for Industry in Athens. Establishment of cooperation with key-client accounts ; Leading Hellenic and Multinational Companies entrust the Engineering Thermographic Services of Iristem Engineering.

2004 : Establishment of Iristem Engineering, by Achilleas Christodoulidis. Marketing of Thermographic Services, by emphasizing the use of engineering principles and standards in evaluation of risk and condition monitoring of industrial installations

2001 : An engineering team starts to promote in the Hellenic Market Thermographic Services, mainly for industry.




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