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Thermal Imagers OPTRIS PI Precision Line Compact Design for Accuracy

The Optris PI series - the Precision Line

The optris® infrared cameras of the PI Precision LIne offer imaging infrared temperature measurement devices for numerous industrial applications. From optris PI450i/PI400i to high resolution VGA cameras (optris PI 640) and special imagers for metal as well as glass applications and even microscope images, we meet your every expectation. 


Features of the optris PI thermal imagers

Experiencing real-time thermal images with a frame rate of up to 128 Hz, capturing and saving fast measurement results as snap-shots or video sequences or, thanks to the excellent thermal sensitivity, indicating even smallest changes in temperature - to only name a few of the many advantages.

Including optics and cable, the optris PI thermal imaging cameras weigh less than 320 gramms, making them the smalles infrared cameras in the world (dimensions up to 46 mm x 56 mm x 90 mm).

Optris Catalogue

Thermal Camera PI1M
Short wavelength infrared camera optris PI 1M, especially suited for temperature measurements of metals, as these exhibit a distinctly higher emissivity at the short measurement wavelength of 1μm than at measurements in the previously conventional wavelength range of 8-14 μm
Thermal Camera optris PI640
Ideal for industrial and R&D processes, Pin-sharp thermal images and IR videos, Optical resolution of 640x480 pixel
optris thermal camera PI400i/PI450i
Thermal images with up to 80 Hz, Very high thermal sensitivity with up to 40 mK, Smallest ir camera in its class
Thermal Camera optris PI640 Microscope optics
Microscope optics for the inspection of electronic boards and tiny components
Long-distance control of infrared cameras: Acting as USB to Ethernet adapter the USB Server Gigabit 2.0 allows bridging distances significantly longer than 20 meters between the PC and a PI thermal imaging camera or a Xi400 infrared camera and the Optris CTvideo/CSvideo Pyrometers Series
Industrial Process Interface
Integration of thermal imaging cameras in automated processes: newly developed industrial process interface (PIF) permits automatic process monitoring, for the continuous in-operation control of the hardware of the infrared cameras with all cable connections and the free analysis software PIX Connect

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