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Thermal Camera Optris Pi450i Τ010 - Stationary Fever Scanning System - High Performance


The coronavirus and other diseases are highly dangerous and transferred by sick people or contaminated objects. In our global world airplanes are one way to export this virus all over the world.
For this purpose you can use Optris’s fever inspection systems.
The installation of whole systems, including the infrared camera and extensive software package, is very easy. Also they can be re-located and set up in minimum time. Systems are password protected, to prevent unauthorised changes.

Fever scanning system with thermal camera Optris PI450i T010 has a thermal sensitivity of 40mK to detect even the slighest temperature variances.

Accuracy of measurement is 0.5°C, with optional Black body radiator.

Systems work discreetly. The software singles out the people whose skin temperature exceeds the predefined value. The visual alarm gives airport employees the possibility to identify and isolate suspects from their co-travelers so that a medical examination can be done discreetly.

If necessary the software offers the possibility to take automatically IR image snapshots when a person trips the alarm.

Important specifications:

  • Identification of infected passengers inside a crowd
  • Thermal sensitivity 40mk
  • Accuracy 0.5°C with optional Black body radiator
  • Easy installation and operation of the inspection system
  • Alarm signal when skin temperature reaches predefined alarm value
  • Snapshot function of IR image
  • Extensive software inclusive, runs on standard PC
  • Certificate of Calibration (Reference 35°C)
  • From 4925E

Fever Scanning Thermal Camera PI450i T010
Optris Black Body BR20 AR
Thermal Cameras Optris Fever Scanning
Technical note Optris - fever scanning
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