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Pyrometer optris CTfast LT for extremely fast temperature measurements

Pyrometer optris CTfast LT for extremely fast temperature measurements

The pyrometer optris CTfast LT is perfectly suited for especially quick measurements, due to its extremely short response time of 6 ms. The unchoppered sensor allows a continuous temperature surveillance of fast processes in a spectrum of -50°C up to 975°C.

Ιmportant Specifications

  • One of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide with extrem short response time down to 6 ms (90 % signal)
  • Rugged and usable up to 120 °C ambient temperature without cooling
  • Fast analog output (0/4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5/10 V) with smart real time data processing
  • Instant digital 0/10 V output with a response time of 4 ms (50 % signal)
  • Continuous process monitoring with an unchoppered sensor system Note: Conventional fast pyroelectrical infrared sensors with mechanical chopper see processes only part of the time
  • Easy to assemble in multiple arrays for line scanning of small and fast objects hot spot detection, using a RS485 bus communication
  • Price starts from 370 €

pyrometer optris CTfast LT - Datasheet
pyrometer optris CT - Manual
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