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Pyrometeres optris CT 1Μ/2Μ for high-temperature measurements of metals

Pyrometer optris CT 1M / 2M for high-temperature measurements of metal

Due to their short measuring wavelength and the high temperature range of up to 2,200°C the pyrometers optris CT 1M and 2M are ideally suited for employment in high-temperature measurements of metals, metal oxides, and ceramics. The short measuring wavelength of the infrared pyrometers additionally decreases measuring errors during low or changing emission levels.

The small sensor head allows for easy installation in limited and cramped spaces. Moreover, it reliably measures temperatures even in ambient temperatures of up to 125°C.


Ιmportant Specifications

  • Miniaturized Infrared Thermometer with 1.0 μm respectively 1.6 μm wavelength range for measurements of metals, of secondary metal processing, metal oxides and ceramic materials
  • Very small sensing head of 14 mm diameter and 28 mm length fits everywhere and is usable up to 125°C ambient temperature without cooling
  • Temperature ranges from 250°C to 2200°C, measuring spots up from 1.8 mm and exposure times up from 1 ms
  • Short measuring wavelength of 1.0 μm respectively 1.6 μm reduces error of temperature readings on surfaces with low or unknown emissivity
  • Starting from 460E

pyrometer optris CT 1M/2M - Datasheet
pyrometer optris CT - Manual
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